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COVID 19 Policies

We understand to get the maximum enjoyment from our services, you must feel safe.   The presence of the Covid 19 virus has brought safety protocols to the forefront.   While we have always strived to ensure a clean and sanitized environment, we will now also be implementing the following protocols, effective June 1, 2020 to aid in keeping both our customers and staff safe from virus spread.    Contact us to learn more.


We know you value your appointment, and we can't wait to see you.  But one cannot also be too cautious in this day and age.  So, if you are not feeling well, please call us and we will gladly re-schedule your appointment.   Besides general illness, we recommend staying home if you have a fever in excess of 100.4 degrees;  have a cough;  have a sore throat;  or if you are experiencing a loss of taste or smell.

If you know you have been exposed recently to the COVID 19 virus, or have recently tested positive, we ask that you re-schedule your appointment to a time no earlier than 14 days since your diagnosis or exposure.  

Salon Arrival

We are excited for the next step in getting back to a new normal! With the recent announcement of no longer needing to wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated is giving us hope.  We welcome whatever your comfort level is.  Although the mandate is lifted, it is still strongly encouraged that people who are not vaccinated to continue to wear their masks.

If you would like for your Service Provider to wear a mask during your service, please let us know prior to your arrival.  We want to make sure we are respectful and sensitive to everyone's personal choice.  We do know this will take some time for us to all get used to this, and we are excited to finally be here!  

Please be respectful of everyone's personal choices as you enter our salon and spa.  We cannot wait to see you!


Added Protection

You will see several new protocols to keep you and our staff safe during your visit.  These include:

  • Hand sanitizer upon entry and the front desk.  You must use hand sanitizer or you can wash your hands immediately upon entering.
  • We have installed plexiglass guards betweeen the shampoo bowls and at the front counter.
  • Floor stickers will help all of us socal distance while in the salon.  Our stations are 6 feet apart.
  • Contactless wastebaskets are located throughout the salon.
  • We hired a HVAC professional to come and install the MERV-13 filters on both of our air conditioning units and increased the outdoor air-percentage, which increases the dilution of contaminants, lowers recirculation, all while maintaining indoor air-conditions
  • During our recent closure, all of the service providers completed a course on Covid 19 and were certified from Barbicide.
  • All of our staff will be checked for fever everyday before entering the salon.
  • Service providers will also utilize eyewear protection...either in the form of glasses or a full face shield.

The salon experience

While Covid 19 has forced many changes, our mission to you remains the same:  to provide a great service.   With all the mandated changes, things may not look 'normal'.    Our salon looks different.   The service providers will be wearing PPE, and thus maybe look a little different or be a little less talkative.   We are even allowing the staff to wear tennis shoes!   We want everybody to be as comfortable as possible so we can provide the best service possible during this time.    We look forward to the return to 'normal', but for now ask for your patience as we adapt to the situation.   Thank you for being our loyal clients....we can't wait to see you soon.